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Soft Skill
Soft Skill


This Course helps individuals identify essential life skills for their professional and personal success and implement techniques to improve those skills. Each program features an engaging mix of narration, scripted vignettes, and candid insight from real-world hiring professionals. Educators and professionals


Career Management Skills
This course addresses the most important strategies individuals can use to manage and build rewarding careers by planning for the future and excelling on‐the‐job, regardless of their profession. The program presents the skills that employers value most and suggests ways individuals can leverage those skills to get ahead in the job market and achieve long-term success.


Communication Skills
This course provides individuals with strategies they can use to be more effective communicators, both on and off the job. Viewers will learn how to improve their verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills.)


Stress & Anger Management
This course provides individuals with strategies they can use to cope with the stress of a job and career and to effectively deal with conflicts that arise in both professional and personal situations. Viewers will learn how to manage negative emotions, such as anger, that often come with adversity.


Time & Money Management
This course provides individuals with key concepts and practical advice they can use to better manage time and money. Viewers will learn how to identify their responsibilities, prioritize, create and implement plans, and monitor their progress.