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Road to Reentry
Road to Reentry

Reconnecting with Family and Community

This program helps viewers:
–  Understand the importance and advantages of reconnecting with family and others who may be positive influences.
–  Prepare for the difficulties they may encounter when re-establishing relationships.
–  Identify situations where it may be detrimental to reconnect with people from their past.
–  Discover community-based organizations or programs that can support their reentry goals.

Meeting Your Basic Needs

This program helps viewers:
–  Prepare for the barriers they may face transitioning back to society, particularly in the first few weeks or months of their release

–  Identify people, resources, and programs that can help them obtain their fundamental needs.
–  Recognize situations where staying with family or others can be detrimental to their reentry success.
–  Understand how to work toward short and long-term solutions to their fundamental needs.
–  Avoid common pitfalls that formerly incarcerated individuals often experience after release.

Making Healthy Choices

This program helps viewers:
–  Understand the importance of managing their physical and mental health.
–  Identify resources and programs that help formerly incarcerated individuals monitor and improve their health.
–  Discover techniques for dealing effectively with substance abuse and addiction.
–  Learn about healthy coping methods for dealing with stress.

Finding Employment

This program helps viewers:
–  Learn the most effective techniques for finding job leads and securing job offers.
–  Discover best practices for completing job applications and creating resumes and cover letters.
–  Understand how to present themselves professionally in interviews.
–  Know when and how to appropriately address their incarceration with employers.

Succeeding on the Job

This program helps viewers:
–  Identify essential skills and personality traits required for retaining employment and career advancement.
–  Understand employers’ expectations.
–  Learn about behaviors and attitudes that can be detrimental to their job security and reputation.
–  Discover ways to work toward achieving better jobs and long-term career success.
–  Recognize the advantages of pursuing additional education or training.